The making of Inception movie

The making of Inception movie at the bottom of this movie, there is a Limbo state that can trap a person for an indefinite amount of time. We learn that Cobb and Mal spent a many years at that state, before he coming back to reality as their younger original selves. They clung to “totems”, tiny objects carried to remind the dreamer of their state. Cobb’s totem was carried in the opening scene and appears frequently. He suggests that in his dreams, it spins indefinitely.

And after that the team boards a small plane that occupied by Fischer drugging him without of his knowledge and entering into a dream with him. And then they help from Yusof the chemist who developed the compounds inherent in the technology. Inside the first level, Cobb finds the disoriented Fischer and impersonates a dream security officer, commonly hired by businessmen, who are led to believe. Cobb earns Fischer’s trust while at the same time revealing to him that they are in a dream. With the rest of the team, they build successive realities, eventually reuniting Fischer with a vision of his father (impersonated by the forger), who implants the vital suggestion. Unfortunately, Saito has been shot and sent into limbo. Cobb stays behind to find him, now as an old man, and the context of the opening scene is revealed.


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