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When I was a kid I can’t mess to watch this cartoon and many years come Winnie the Pooh is still my favorites so that I wrote an article about this upcoming movie entitled Winnie the Pooh. Back to the movie Winnie the Pooh is a 2011 American animated film distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and was officially released on April 15, 2011 in the UK and this movie will be released to United States on July 15, 2011.


When Pooh wakes up one day morning to find some honey. While he searching for honey he discovers Eeyore and he lost he’s tail. Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo rescue him and after that Christopher Robin was decided to hold a contest to find the Eeyore’s tail and the price for the winner is a fresh pot of honey. Next day Pooh visit to the house of Christopher Robin but found nothing he just found a letter “ gon out bizy back soon” but the poor Pooh cannot read the message he went to Owl’s to help him to know what it says in the note but suddenly Owl’s have a poor reading skills they took that Christopher Robin was kidnap by the monster they called Backson. Pooh together with he’s friends plan a trap to the backson but the ending they stuck in their trap, Piglet friend of Pooh was attempt to get Pooh and his friend from the trap they made but he fails that is because he’s so too timid. When they stuck Pooh remember the words in the storybook to form a ladder and finally they get out from the trap they made, after they get out away from the trap Pooh visit Owl just only to find out was the one that tool the Eeyore’s tail. Owl had been using Eeyore’s tail just to pulley his door. And Christopher Robin is proud of Pooh’s kindness and he rewards Pooh a large pot of honey.
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