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One of the most great actor Tom Hanks and Bryan Cranston together with the one famous actress Julia Roberts combined for a new movie Larry Crowne this movie is an comedy drama film directed by the actor Tom Hanks and written by Nia Vardalos. This was schedule to be released on the month of July 1, 2011 in the United States and Canada.

Here a short story about Larry Crowne movie Larry is a Navy veteran who that loses his job at the big box store and he was decided to enroll into community college. Larry befriends the outcast but suddenly he falls in love with speech professor Mercedes Tainot.

We know that this two famous actor and actress are great for any kind of film and now they combined their talents to show to their fans that they have a great in acting. I am one of the millions fan of this two so that I wrote an article about this movie Larry Crowne so that I’m searching for a new story about this movie. Few weeks from now this movie in on officially released and I can watch this. For more information just visit this site watch the trailer of this movie and after the movie released watch for the full video of Larry Crowne movie relax and enjoy this movie bring your family and friends.

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