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Watch the upcoming movie of Jackie Chan The Spy Next Door.The story of this movie Jackie Chan(Bob Ho) a CIA agent The Spy Next Door movie is an marial arts action comedy film. The movie started in late October in New Mexico and the movie finished in late December 2008. Agent Bob Ho while babysitting his girlfriend's children agent Bob Ho winds having fight off his nemesis, A Russian terrorist and after one of the kids inadvertently downloads a secret formula. The Spy Next Door movie is to be released on January 15.2010. The cast of The Spy Next Door are Jackie Chan, Billy Ray Cyrus, George Lopez, and Magnus Scheving. Watch The Spy Next Door Movie.
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Gurlie said...

i really like jackie chan.. All his movies are very much interesting.. I already watch the trailer of the spy next door and it was really funny..i will watch for this..

watch the spy next door

Anonymous said...

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Unikversiti said...

So There is another Jackie's new movie eh, i thought only movie with Will Smith's son only. Thanx for the info :)

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